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ARGO Safety Bumper

(Patent Pending)

Thousands of Sacrificial Pin Pivot-Base Signs line the median walls of highways in the United States. Although very cost-effective, the Sacrificial Pin Pivot-Base Sign hides a potentially deadly safety hazard.

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Screenshot 2021-08-01 224746.png

Once collapsed, the sign lies flat upon the median wall, causing the thin, flat edge of the sign to protrude at a very dangerous height with very limited visibility.

(Patent Pending)
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Together, the blade-like sign protrusion at a dangerous height, along with very limited visibility combine to form a potentially lethal condition for passing motorists.

Additionally, the sign often damages itself or possibly even the concrete median during the violent collapse.

Screenshot 2021-08-01 225946.png

Mitigating these concerns is easy – install the Argo Safety Bumper.

Designed-by and Patent-Pending to SMK International, the ARGO Safety Bumper is made from durable 100% Ballistic Rubber. Simple and robust, the ARGO Safety Bumper is certified by Texas A&M Transportation Institute to meet the MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hazards) Standards from the AASHTO (American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials) required by the Federal Highway Administration.

The ARGO Safety Bumper is installed in the Sacrificial Pin Pivot-Base sign easily. Once installed, the ARGO Safety Bumper does not allow the sign to collapse flat – but rather keeps the sign elevated.

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By keeping the sign elevated, the ARGO Safety Bumper addresses three main concerns:

1. The sign now has a much larger cross-section, allowing motorists to see and avoid collisions.


2. The sign now is at an elevated height, reducing the chances of impact.


3. The ARGO Safety Bumper cushions the post against the impact of bolts or median during collapse – protecting the sign and concrete median wall from damage.

Screenshot 2021-08-03 001310.png

Avoid obvious danger and potential liability - order the ARGO Safety Bumper Today.

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